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Our Story

Founded on 26th January 2015, Ecotourism & Conservation Society of Malaysia (ECOMY) is the premier national non-governmental organization that is focused on sustainable ecotourism as the way forward to ensure that conservation values are upheld at all key natural heritage sites in Malaysia.

Ecotourism & Conservation Society of Malaysia (ECOMY) was founded by leading naturalists in Malaysia, with the following objectives :-

ECOMY works towards uniting conservation, communities and sustainable tourism, promoting greater understanding and appreciation for nature, local society, and culture.

Our Story​

Our Mission


Reconnecting People to the Natural World

Our Values


Everything we do is driven by conservation and preservation of our natural heritage.


We strive to be the leading advocate in ecotourism and conservation.


Passion is in the heart of everything we do.


Development that meet the needs of the present, focussing on local communities and the environment without compromising social values and ecotourism principles.


We are guided by our conservation values and ecotourism principles, holding ourselves accountable to the commitments that we make and to all stakeholders that we work with.


We are dedicated towards pursuing the goal of conservation by committing towards building relationships, establishing partnerships and working with all stakeholders including but not limited to local communities, corporations and government bodies.

Featured Partners

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Do You Have Solutions That Work?

Protecting and conserving our natural environment is a big job. But it gets smaller as people, young and old, show their commitment to protecting nature and its glorious inhabitants. If you think you might have solutions that work, come forward and pitch your ideas to ECOMY and together, we can brainstorm and turn wild dreams into natural reality.